“Lately, I’ve been wondering if monogamy is realistic, or something I should aspire to, because it seems like all of the people I’ve been attached to have turned out to be phases. And you could’ve never told me then — while I was falling in love and sharing air and drowning in eyes — that this person was not going to matter someday. I would’ve never believed you, that’s what love is like. So I guess what I want is more than love. I guess what I want is someone who becomes part of me, who is there even when they aren’t, who runs through my veins and my mind and my limbs whether I want them there or not. Less of a phase, more of a depression.”


Thought Catalog: “This Is Just A Phase” by Stephanie Georgopulos (link)

“People confuse depression with Just A Phase One Goes Through because, when things get better — when the sun rises or the tide calms or whatever — and you are moving forward knowing how bad it was then and how good it is now, well, why would you go back? You are victorious, you have figured something out, you are all fixed. That is how sadness works maybe, or disappointment, or grief. That is how phases work, they are linear, you begin at one point and evolve and you end up someplace else. That is not how depression works, though. With depression, there is no Point A and Point B: it is circular, it is a cul-de-sac, you just always run the risk of finding yourself back where you began.”

(via floatingdaffodil)

(via floatingdaffodil)

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